A historic opportunity to protect Georgia’s waters and lands.

Georgia’s economy and quality of life are directly tied to both the water quality of our rivers, lakes and streams and the availability and beauty of our outdoor spaces, wildlife habitats and parks.

This fall, we have a historic opportunity to pass the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment and protect our waters and lands by constitutionally dedicating a portion of the existing sales tax on outdoor sporting goods without raising any taxes or creating new fees.

If passed, this funding would:

  • Protect lands critical to clean drinking water
  • Acquire and improve parks and trails for children, families and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy
  • Maintain and improve access to wildlife management areas and create new opportunities for hunting and fishing
  • Support Georgia’s economy and job creation

The Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Amendment is supported by a coalition of leading conservation organizations including:

Photo Credit: Georgia Department of Economic Development